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Welcome to the VAASL listserv! As a benefit of your membership in the Virginia Association of School Librarians, you have been provided this opportunity to electronically participate in Virginia’s school library media community. Please use this forum for professional discussion.

VAASL List Guidelines
Updated May 2012


PURPOSE: VAASL List is a discussion group open to Virginia Association of School Librarians (VAASL) members who may ask for assistance or information, share ideas, make contacts, etc. Conversation should focus on topics related to school library media.

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When posting messages to VAASL listserv, please follow these guidelines to help make the list user friendly for everyone.

  • Use the address to post the message to the VAASL listserv. Be sure of the address you have typed. Did you intend to send the message to all members of the list or to an individual?


  • Indicate the content of your message by using one or more accepted keywords. The keyword(s) must be followed by a colon and a blank space before the regular description. When in doubt about the subject, choose GEN. TARGET: request for information to be compiled for a HIT: HIT: the compiled information from the TARGET request REF: requests for all types of reference questions JOBS: postings of job vacancies ELEM: postings for elementary topics MIDDLE: postings for middle school topics SEC: postings for secondary topics HUMOR: anything humorous or not to be taken too seriously :-) GEN: anything that doesn’t fit the other categories Examples: Subject: GEN: Special movie on PBS tonight Subject: REF,SEC: Info on World War II Subject: HIT: Accelerated Reading vs Reading Counts


  • Identification is required for all messages posted to VAASL List. Include your name, job title, worksite, and e-mail address. Long signatures are discouraged; 2-5 lines should be sufficient to include any necessary information. Example: Jane Doe, Librarian Central High School, City, State, Zip


  • Do not post messages containing material which is protected by copyright unless you have permission from the owner of the copyright.


  • Commercial messages, chain letters, undocumented virus warnings, or messages requesting mass mailings to other addresses are strictly forbidden. If in doubt, check with the VAASL listserv moderator, Margaret Baker,, before posting.


  • Be extremely careful when replying to a message. Many e-mail systems will automatically send your reply to the entire list if you simply use a reply command. To answer a question, reply just to the individual who posted the original message. (Imagine how it would feel to have a personal message read by the entire group.) That person will probably post a summary of responses to the group.


  • VAASL listserv does not tolerate flames (emotionally charged postings often directed at an individual who has posted to the group). We will immediately drop members posting rude, inflammatory or grossly inappropriate messages. Be considerate of others. List members may inadvertently violate our guidelines. The list moderator will send a private message to the offender.


  • To signal humorous intent, use some sort of smiley such as :-). Facetiousness and sarcasm can be misunderstood easily in electronic communications.


  • VAASL listserv does not endorse or recommend any products. Members should not recommend products, services, or websites unless they have personally reviewed or visited them. If a vendor asks you to post a commercial endorsement or message on his/her behalf, please check with the moderator. Normally, we do not allow such postings.


  • Current VAASL members may announce books they have published. We suggest including title, author, publisher, date of publication, ISBN, price, and URL to publisher’s website for more information.


  • Posting commercial messages without the prior approval of the list moderator is prohibited. If any list member is uncertain of the appropriateness of the message to be posted, he/she should contact the list moderator. A commercial message is one whose sole intent would result in purchasing a particular product sold by the poster/producer.


  • Vendors and authors may engage in general theoretical discussions about the list topic but should refrain from turning their replies into commercials for their own products or causes. Your signature file should not contain commercial promotions.


  • If a user posts questions such as, ‘I’m looking for a program that does X, or Does anyone have information about program Y?, producers may reply directly to the individual by e-mail rather than posting the information to the list. If the person finds value in the product, he/she will probably share information with the other VAASL List members. Producers should not contact VAASL List members as a result of obtaining their e-mail addresses from VAASL List postings, members list, or archives. This is not the place to build a customer list. Producers should avoid negative comments about their competitors’ products.


  • VAASL members who are in a professional or higher education setting may share upcoming training opportunities, course offerings and special programs that are specifically designed to promote librarianship and professional development for VAASL members.